TROY Batchelor has admitted the fitness of former world champion Chris Holder could hold the key to Australia’s chances of making Saturday’s World Cup final.

The Swindon Robins skipper was part of the Aussie side which failed to make it through Event One at King’s Lynn last weekend, with Alun Rossiter’s Great Britain side taking top spot, but Holder was missing due to injury as Cam Woodward managed just a single point in his place.

Holder is scheduled to return for tonight’s Race-Off in Bydgoszcz, where the Aussies take on Sweden, USA and the Czech Republic, and Batchelor is hopeful the former Poole rider can hit the ground running.

“The Race-Off is definitely tough but with Poland already seeded through to the final it makes it a little better for us,” he said.

“I depends on Chris a lot too because I think he will be back, he’s going to have a ride this week to see how he feels, so hopefully we can have him back for Thursday.

“Doyley’s (Jason Doyle) been on form all year and Darcy (Ward) will bounce back and, although Chris might not be 100 per cent straight away, he will be a big plus for us.”

Batchelor, like many of the world’s leading riders, enjoys the Bydgoszcz circuit and believes the track could produce some top notch racing.

“Bydgoszcz is a great track to race on and it has produced some of the best Grand Prix,” he said.

“You don’t have to make a start to still be fast around there and you can do anything so it’s one to look forward to.”

The winners of tonight’s event will move through to Saturday’s final where they will take on Rossiter’s GB side, Peter Kildemand’s Denmark and hosts Poland.