ALUN Rossiter believes Chris Harris’ determination to stand up and be counted will see him return to the Grand Prix series in the not too distant future.

The Brit has endured a difficult 2012 campaign which has only seen him win five heats in the Grand Prix all year, and average little more than five points a meeting to sit 11th going into tonight’s final round in Torun.

Bomber has never been in real contention for a place in the top eight during 2012, and having only automatically qualified once since he first became a series regular in 2007, his only hope of competing in 2013 appears to rest on whether or not organisers BSI want a British rider in the GP full-time.

Rossiter has been part of his former Coventry captain’s pit crew this season, and the Robins boss believes the way Harris has continued to battle during tough times should be taken into consideration.

“People say he doesn’t deserve a wildcard, and I am not saying he does, but if they are going to go down the British route I hope they remember he is the one that has said all along that he wants to be in the Grand Prix,” he said.

“Whether they want a Brit in the series full-time I don’t know, but that is his only hope in my opinion.

“There are a lot of riders, including a lot of British riders, who have quickly walked away when things have got tough, but Chris hasn’t done that.

“He has never once tried to walk away from it.

“I am not BSI, but they should consider the fact he is the one Brit who wants the Grand Prix, and the others have bailed out.”

Regardless of whether Harris is given a reprieve or not, Rossiter has warned the Brit he needs to quickly address a number of issues over the winter.

“I am sure he will be back, but he has to take a good hard look in the mirror and work out where things have gone wrong,” he said.

“We all have our own ideas about what has happened, but at the end of the day Chris needs to do some searching and he is the one who needs to put it right.

“He has won a Grand Prix, even though it was a few years ago, and he has the ability to do it but there are too many dramas.

“He has been jumping from engine tuner to engine tuner to try and get something going and I don’t think that has really helped.

“When you do that engine tuners can be a but fickle because they don’t want their engines going off here there and everywhere.

“We have had a few engine problems and a lot of bad luck, and I think he needs to go away, recharge his batteries and get his head clear over the winter, and then come back stronger.”