JASON Doyle has insisted he will not treat new world champion Chris Holder any differently at Blunsdon this evening - if the Robins man is fit to take his place against Poole Pirates.

The Australian was taken to hospital last night after suffering a big crash in the final of the Premier League Riders’ Championship at Sheffield, and is a doubt for the first leg of the Elite League final having suffered an injury to his chest.

If Doyle recovers in time he will go head-to-head with new world champion Holder, and while he is full of respect for what his fellow countryman has achieved, he will not be offering him any special treatment if the two meet this evening.

“There is always respect for other riders, but we are always out to beat each other and it will be exactly the same this time,” he said.

“Chris has done brilliantly to win it, but it is a team sport and we are going out there to win for our team.

“Going up against Chris as world champion is going to be great, but everyone is going to want to go out there and try and beat him and get some bragging rights.

“We have all raced Chris plenty of times and every time it is the same thing, you rock up to the tapes and you want to beat each other.”

Doyle believes the desire to beat the new world champion could give his side an edge tonight, but has backed Holder to cope with the pressure that goes with his lofty position.

“There might be a bit of extra pressure on Chris because he is world champion, but we have seen in the Grand Prix series that he can deal with that type of pressure,” he said.

“But it could give us that extra edge when we go out there and try to beat Chris, although it is not only him we have to worry about, it is the rest of their team as well.”

The Robins are itching to get going after the original staging of the first leg was postponed last Monday night due to heavy rain, and Doyle wants his side to make the most of their home track advantage.

“I am glad that we didn’t ride in the rain last Monday because it would have given Poole an advantage and there would have been no home track advantage for us,” he said.

“Swindon is a great track to ride and this year all of our boys have been going good at home, so it would be great to use our home advantage to get us in a good position going into the second leg.

“All we want now is a nice clear night on Monday so we can have a proper night of racing on our own track, and if we can go down to Poole with a good lead it could be vital.”