I was very impressed to read your article about Jack Fradgley and the two awards he won for helping young people who stammer.

Wow! A Young Person of the Year Award and an Outstanding Achievement Award.

Growing up in the U.S., as I am sure was the same for the UK in the 1960's and 1970's, I never once read a positive article in the media about a young person who stammered. We kids were made to feel ashamed of our stammering, which made us feel devoid of all rights.

The UK has an excellent organization called The British Stammering Association (www.stammering.org) which provides excellent resources and information. Here is the U.S., there is The Stuttering Foundation (www.stammeringhelp.org) whose website provides numerous free resources for children and adults that are used by stammerers all over the world. It offers streaming videos, downloadable brochures and a lot more.

The lasting impression that I got from this article was that hopefully some young stammerers would read about the courageous Jack Fradgley and not be ashamed of their stammering. I wish that during my youth that I had been able to read about a positive role model like Jack Fradgley.

Kevork Garabedian Studio City California USA