I was passing through Old Town the other day and saw a board advertising the fact that local drama group, The Old Town Theatre Company, were presenting a production of the hit TV comedy from yesteryear, Hi De Hi, at the Arts Centre.

I took my wife along for a birthday treat to the Thursday night show and I couldn’t have picked better.

What a show. What talent. Peggy was brilliant. The only thing that let the show down was the big gaps in darkness, it dragged so and the fact that people seemed to stand around too much was a little boring.

Mind you, this was more a technical problem to do with direction of the cast.

Others that deserve a mention were Gladys. Was she really Welsh? If not fab accent and good performance, and the guy that played Ted was really slick, like the one from the TV show had dropped in on the theatre.

His song at the end brought the house down, although how sad this show was so poorly attended.

People in Swindon should support these shows. I for one will do in the future.

Colin Sprysdall Overbrook Swindon