Please can anyone help a small village in Cornwall trace a Vietnamese family who were to settle in Swindon?

Shortly after their arrival in the UK and through a Methodist Church link, a group of Vietnamese boat people came to Port Isaac for a week’s holiday and they were escorted on various outings and stayed in the village hall.

The family consisted of mother, father and seven children, the youngest of which was a baby born on the boat during their journey to the UK in July 1979.

We are in the midst of a project about the events of interest during that time here in Port Isaac and would love to know if there is any chance of records showing their whereabouts, or better still, any member of the family who would remember the events. None of them could speak English and none of us could speak Vietnamese so verbal contact was pretty well non-existent – we didn’t even know their names but got along just fine with sign language, our own version.

The photographs are of a day trip I was involved in and I hope there is remote chance of someone knowing them, albeit 34 years ago.

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