I’m writing in relation to an article in the Adver (June 11), regarding the Milton Road Health Hydro being turned into a Health Spa.

My concerns are that this wonderful facility in the town will not be available to everyone in the town but only by those that can afford a private subscription. I think it is important, especially in this climate, to ensure that facilities like these are available to all.

I think in the long term it can only benefit the community not only in terms of the history of the town but to have something in place that still functions as it was intended. In a time where headlines are often highlighted with the growing issues of obesity, here is a tool readily available to all to help combat this issue.

In the long run this will surely save money further down the track before the NHS services are required? When asked if they were to take up exercise again, many people name swimming as their preferred option.

When I first came over from Ireland to work in Swindon I was impressed that such a facility was available at an affordable price. We never had a swimming pool nearby and had to travel to one and as a result I did not swim for several years.

While I was in Swindon, it was very difficult to adjust to a new life and what made it more easy was having somewhere to belong to. I initially started with the Sunday Morning Swim Clinic with the stroke correction class, a session that is held in the small pool from 8.30am until 9.30am. An early morning session no doubt but well worth it.

We had three wonderful coaches (Glenis, Sarah and Wendy) that really broke down the strokes for me. I kept thinking what a pity this sort of facility was not available at home in Ireland.

I continued swimming at the Hydro with the Sunday Swim Clinic. Myself and a few other girls from the early morning session have now progressed onto the Sunday Morning Fitness Swim Clinic which is held at 10am. Not only did this session give us some great instruction, I also met some wonderful friends along the way.

I now swim in the Health Hyrdo in the public session on a Wednesday evening too and through doing the Sunday Clinic I also got to hear about the SAMs (Swindon Area Masters) club through Doreen, another lane swimmer on a Sunday. SAMs is held in the Link Centre and it was a great club to join as they helped me with plenty of tips on my stroke as well.

I also spend Tuesdays and Thursdays evenings at the Body Balance classes held in the Health Hydro. These classes are small but can be difficult to get a place on as the demand is so high.

I do not drive and live in Old Town so to have something that I can walk to is invaluable. I think the Health Hydro is worth preserving for the whole of the community. It can only be an investment for the future for us all.

Niamh Warren Kent Road Swindon

Useless move

Waste of the people’s public resources continues apace in the committee rooms of Swindon Borough Council.

It was reported (June 22) that councillors of all parties could not agree whom to support to chair a completely pointless committee.

That is the standards committee that is meant to uphold the councillors’ code of conduct.

It beggars belief that there is further waste of public resources arguing about something that will serve no useful purpose, other than to line the pockets of the quangocrats selected to pontificate as to whether Councillor A has behaved in a proper manner or Councillor B has been civil enough.

Why not have a committee of councillors to decide whether or not setting up a standards committee is a good idea in the first place?

The independent members of which could be paid an annual ‘allowance’ of, say, a mere £2,000 plus expenses. Beats work after all.

On second thoughts I withdraw that suggestion because some overpaid humourless bureaucrat somewhere is probably thinking at this very moment that this would be a good idea.

Geraint J Day Southampton Street Swindon

Unfair review

I read the article published on June 7 entitled ‘Hardly the best of British’ written by Michelle Tompkins. Whilst I appreciate Michelle is entitled to express her views I think the article was very unfair and unfounded.

I have lived in Avebury for 10 years now having lived previously in Malaysia, Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire and Essex and I must express my views about the Red Lion as a resident but also as a local parish councillor.

Ten years ago the Red Lion was a disgrace. The food and service were of a terrible standard and this continued for a number of years.

Two years or so ago Jonathan Guest took over as landlord and the standard has never been better.

My wife and I and four children eat and drink there regularly now due to the quality of the food and the service and I feel very upset by Michelle’s comments and I feel her comments are not justified and relevant.

I only have praise for the Red Lion and what John and the staff do for their customers.

It's a great place to eat, drink and I do suggest another visit to the Red Lion and speak to some of the people that use it regularly and I think you'll find they are only too pleased with the place, both residents and visitors.

Mike Daniel Swindon Road Avebury

Grave concern

In response to the letter headed ‘Don’t Mown’, no one is pointing a finger at the workers at Whitworth Road Cemetery for the state of the grass.

Speaking for myself and not this person who, incidentally, did give his name as I did unlike ‘name supplied’, I merely wished to point out that the grass was knee high, not just around the graves but along the paths leading to our loved ones’ graves.

But now, hey presto, as soon as the article appeared in the Adver the mowers came out. I also stated that I visit my parents grave in Green Road and that is always immaculately mown and tidy.

I may add that I certainly do visit there regularly and note the determination of the cemetery and if people don’t state their opinions they will only get worse.

If money is the issue, I suggest the council divert some from other sources as in the article “Not so green”.

Peter Farthing Omdurman Street Swindon

...Some DIY?

During the war most people had to cut the grass in front of their homes, as I’m sure no council did the job. My father was always so cross at having to clear up dogs mess first, as no one cleaned up after their dogs!

Mrs M Gardiner Sandown Avenue Swindon

Praise for Alan

Apologies if I missed something but did your organ acknowledge the centenary of Alan Mathison Turing? Alan was born on 23rd June 1912. His omission from the ‘On This Day: First Breath’ column June 23 irked me.

Alan shortened WWII by helping to break the German’s Enigma Code. We survivors are indebted to Alan and his colleagues’ work. I regard him as a national hero.

I understand that Old Town’s Mary Ratcliffe may also have been a code breaker in WWII. Mary deserves a Pride of Swindon Award and more besides. We all appreciate Mary’s thoughtful and learned contributions to the letters page.

Ms A Reeve Okus Road Swindon

Wife of Riley

Reading in the national press about the large number of unmarried mothers and fathers and illegitimate children and men and women living together unmarried, made me think that in an ideal world a man should have three wives. Yes, three.

One to cook and take care of the home, another to work full time, possibly six days a week with overtime, and the third wife to bear and care for the children, maybe 5 or 6 of them.

This would be most beneficial to all of them, sharing the man and all the chores and family responsibilities. The man of course would also work a 35 hour week, Monday to Thursday!

I, of course, would not wish to be in a multiple marriage myself, being a man of some 82 years and very happily married to my young, beautiful wife for 45 years.

One wife is quite sufficient for me although I have had one before when I was young!

Regarding the notion of three wives of course has certain drawbacks. You would need at least 2 or 3 bathrooms, a large number of wardrobes and various other items of furniture, maybe 3 or 4 cars and a footwear account at a shoe shop!

Les Fox Reynard Retreat Blunsdon