I am not keen on corresponding via your letters page, but feel that a response is required to T Taylor of Hathaway Road, who considers my concerns over road safety are driven by a conflict of interest.

The Queensfield Temporary Traffic Order was agreed with the three ward councillors for the St Philip ward, Janet Heenan (Conservative) Sinead Darker (Conservative) and myself (Labour). The order was signed off by Rod Bluh, leader of the Conservative administration, in 2011.

The fact that I live in the ward I represent is, I believe, an advantage, not as Mr Taylor claims a “conflict of interest”. Yes, I was a voice opposing the wind turbines at South Marston, not for the good folk of South Marston but for those I represent in Upper Stratton. Yes, I fought to oppose the construction of a telephone mast on Beechcroft Road, close to homes and a school. This may well have an effect on the mobile phone reception on those travelling through the ward. And yes, the Queensfield Traffic Order may inconvenience those travelling through the ward.

I try to achieve the best I can for Penhill and Upper Stratton. To me that is local politics; local people represented by a local person fighting local issues.

Attending meetings over the years and discussing things with residents, there is a balanced view on the TRO. .

For more than 20 years there has been a campaign to reduce the traffic through the estate. I still firmly believe that the answer to the traffic is to look for an alternative route, ie an extension of Crompton or Hargreaves Road, and will continue to pursue this with the council, especially in light of the possibility of 1,700 more houses being built at Tadpole Lane.

I would welcome Mr Taylor along to my regular surgery (my next surgery is on July 14 at the Meadowcroft Community Centre, from 10am to 12pm) to discuss the democratic process that is being carried out, and discuss the traffic surveys before and after the TRO.

Joe Tray Councillor Penhill & Upper Stratton, Swindon

Deserving better

With reference to Des Morgan’s letter on June 30, how right he is on rubbish service.

Yes, the grass cutters do cut the grass but if there is an obstacle or an over hanging tree branch this area is missed. Perhaps health and safety should go out first and assess the problem.

In my area the grass verges are now growing over the pavements, weeds are all along the kerbs/road areas, yellow marking for repairs have been down since last year but have still not been repaired, grass has been cut in patches, depending on whether it is safe to do so. Last week waste boxes were collected after 5pm.

I think we, as local taxpayers, deserve a better service than we are getting from this council. The local councillors should get out of their cars and walk round their areas and take a look at the disgraceful state of some roads and pavements in their wards.

Swindon Council and its leaders seem to think money collected from residents community tax is to do what they want and not the community. If this council carry on as they are, Swindon will look worse than a third world country.

R Elliott Merlin Way Covingham, Swindon

Forces thanks

I would be grateful if you would pass on my sincere thanks to all those who donated to SSAFA Forces Help or stopped to talk to us during the Swindon Armed Forces Day in the town centre last Saturday.

SSAFA (Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Families Association Forces Help) is a national charity helping and supporting those who serve in our Armed Forces, those who used to serve and the families of both.

If you have served for just one day, you are eligible for our help. If you think we can help you, please contact the Borough of Swindon Divisional Secretary on 01672 541268.

Incidentally, it was disappointing to watch our Council Leader, our two MPs and their entourage, after having their photographs taken to promote the latest Swindon loyalty card, walk past our stand without making a donation or even stopping to talk.

There were smiles all round so maybe they were discussing the state of the nation or the cuts to our defence budget and the servicemen and women who would soon be out of a job after laying their life on the line for their country.

Chris Leggett Fundraising & Awareness Officer Borough of Swindon Division of SSAFA Forces Help

Another EU turn

It is with breathtaking incredulity that I now read that Mr Cameron has promised us a referendum on the so called European Union.

This is the man who set a three line whip in the House of Commons to prevent such a democratic decision being given to the people he is supposed to govern. This decisive Prime Minister has done more U turns than the British record for failing the driving test.

He has now realised that his game is up, as they all do eventually in British politics, when they fail the majority of hard working people, truth, honour and a belief in our nation being a side show to jaunts around the globe, giving away taxpayers money, sacrificing our boys in foreign lands, pontificating about what his government will do then doing nothing.

Let the hand of democracy, not perfect but just, fall upon them when the time comes.

Bill Williams Merlin Way Swindon

...UK must leave

Ed Miliband says Labour has learnt its lesson on immigration and that they made mistakes in Government but he still fails to properly address “the elephant in the room” on this vital issue.

So long as Britain remains a member of the European Union, 450 million people from 26 other nations have the right to work and settle here in the UK in unlimited numbers.

Moreover, the Coalition government, supported by the Labour Party, wants to admit five more countries into the borderless EU club (including Turkey which has a population of over 100 million), thereby expanding the population eligible to emigrate to the UK still further.

If Labour wishes to be taken seriously on immigration control, then perhaps they could explain just how it is possible for the UK to control immigration from present, and future members of the EU under the UK’s present membership circumstances?

Or perhaps they could just admit that there is absolutely nothing that can be done to control ever increasing immigration from other EU members.

An end to open borders is just one of many compelling reasons why Britain should leave the European Union.

William (The Earl of) Dartmouth, MEP UK Independence Party Whiteway nr Exeter, Devon

A pipe dream?

I was intrigued to read a notice by the road works on Westlea Drive which said that the Victorian pipes were being replaced, hence the road works and disruption to traffic, which was due to finish on July 1 but is still not finished! My understanding is that Westlea is part of West Swindon and built in the late 70s and early 80s. Prior to that, I believe the land was agricultural, so why would there have been Victorian pipes to replace?

Perhaps someone who is better informed could answer that query?

Sheila Mitchell Moresby Close Swindon

Sincere thanks

I would like to express my sincere and grateful thanks to the compassionate lady who came to my aid at about 2.15pm on June 26 outside Sainsburys main entrance in Stratton.

Unbeknown to me I was suffering from a very serious heart attack and because of the concern shown by this lady, and the helpful Sainsburys staff, I was able to receive the appropriate treatment in time and thankfully am recovering. Many, many thanks.

Alan Hazell Dovetrees Covingham Park Swindon

Three’s a crowd

Further to Les Fox’s letter regarding three wives, it’s important that a woman helps at home, cooks from time to time, cleans up and has a job.

It’s important that a woman can make you laugh and it’s important that a woman is trustworthy and doesn’t lie to you.

It is very important that these women don’t know each other.

Paul Saunders Ermin Street Swindon