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Goldilocks (Ashleigh Naylor) with mother bear Abby Reed, father bear Annie Magill and baby bear Kerrie Barton Photo: Trevor Porter 67652-1
The Royal Scot in Bradford on Avon railway station 					Photo Trevor Porter 66987-1
Roger Brunt the well respected Driving Instructor who always some thing to celebrate.
 Photo Trevor Porter  66922  04
Meg Slade makes it to the final with her family team Holt on the Seine Photo: Trevor Porter 6666-02
Traditional Boxing Day morris dancing with Holt Morris Men and Belles Angels 		Photo: Trevor Porter 66665-1
The cast that take dual roles in a play within a play Stella Greaves who takes the part of Renee Savage with left to right Elizabeth Donahoe as Sophie Lawton, Chris Pollock as Boris Smolensky, Ang Davis as Chrita d’Amato David Easton playing Tim Fer
John and Freda Shaw with their 1958 Austin Metropolitan voted the Car of the Show, along with Trowbridge and Westbury  Lions and  mayors of the two towns  Photo: Trevor  Porter 66517/11
Ivor Mitchell of Warminster  with his rare 1924 Francis Barnett motorcycle.
 Photo Trevor Porter  60504 1
Noggin Nosh and Natter
Hauke Saffler, Clarence Benbow, Trevor Heeks, Dirk Schenzer and David Cavill. Photo: Trevor Porter 60466 3
The simulated rescue at the Town Bridge Photo: Trevor Porter 60326/2