Your questions answered

What is CommuniGate?
CommuniGate is the home of hundreds of websites created by community organisations across Wiltshire. The service is totally FREE and offers an easy, non-technical way for non-profit organisations to get a presence on the internet. Whether you simply want to browse the sites online or create a website of your own, CommuniGate is a valuable resource.

Who is eligible to sign up?
All non-profit making organisations in Wiltshire, including:
• Sports clubs
• Village committees
• Schools
• Religious groups
• Residents' groups
• Charity organisations
• Youth clubs
• Housing associations

How much will it cost?

The best bit about CommuniGate is that it is entirely free. All you need is a PC with internet access (you will, of course, have to pay your own phone bills!).

Who builds and maintains the website?

You do. But don't let that put you off - it's very straightforward and no design experience at all is needed. You can start off simply, perhaps with just a page describing your club and some contact details. However, we are confident that once you get going, you'll be surprised at just how easy CommuniGate is to use.

You can add a calendar of events, live links to other sites of interest, a guest book and even online voting polls. You will be given your own password and a unique address.

How do I get going?
We recommend having a look at other sites first, to get an idea of what is possible with CommuniGate and help you decide how you want your site to look.

Then print off the simple step-by-step user guide.

Before starting to build a site, you also need to read and agree to the terms and conditions.

If you have any further questions click here to mail us.