Publicise Your Site

How to get your website noticed

Spread the word
Make sure that all of your members and friends know your website address e.g.

Publish it everywhere
Publish your website address on all letter heads, newsletters, leaflets, posters and emails to ensure that everyone you come into contact with knows you have a website.

Send it to the press
Always include your website address in any copy that you send to the media about your group. Your copy may be cut down but if the website is mentioned, readers can get more information from your website.

Link to other sites and get them to link to yours
Reciprocal links are a great way of publicising your site to other interested groups and taking advantage of their traffic. Use a search engine such as to find other sites with similar interests to yours. Email these sites requesting a link and link to them on your site, using a links page. The more links you have to other sites and the more people you have linking to you helps you rate more highly in a search engines.

Send us a story
If you have an event coming up or a good story to do with your club, why not send us details. It will be considered for publication in The Salisbury Journal, both in-paper and online. Click here to mail us.

Change your domain name
If you feel that is too long an address to be able to fit onto your publications with ease, you can purchase a new domain name. Click here to mail us for more information.