Lana Del Rey believes Donald Trump mirrors the wider culture.

The singer has said she is gaining creatively from the cultural “damage” of the presidency, and threats to the environment.

Del Rey said it is time for a concerted effort to tackle both the US president and the changing climate.

G7 Summit 2019
US President Donald Trump has been criticised by singer Lana Del Rey (Jeff J Mitchell/PA)

The singer was recently given the Song of the Decade title at the Q Awards for her hit Video Games.

Her recent work has explored more expansive subjects, and tackled the current state of America.

On President Trump, she told Q magazine: “What I like about it is that it’s mirroring our tiny microcosms.

“It’s so-what culture. ‘I f***** you over? So what?

“I’m going to run away with your money anyway.’

“Trump is reflective of that culture. I mean, he was elected.

“It’s no coincidence that it is all happening at this late stage of our climate crises.

“People at the forefront of fighting climate change are so lovely. Do people listen to lovely voices?”

Despite opposing Mr Trump and despairing of environmental change, Del Rey believes she has gained creatively from her cultural context.

She said: “It’s definitely no coincidence that I’m gaining clarity in the midst of crises. I think chaos brings that: lots of ‘good to know’ moments. Like ‘Oh! That entire group of people feel the same way? I had no idea.’”

She added: “It’s a time for concerted effort. If just the needle could shift, be it in terms of the climate crises or impeachment. Then, it’s a question of the damage done, culturally and environmentally.”

The full interview with Lana Del Rey is available in Q magazine, out on Tuesday.