Ashley Cain has said he felt “guilty” after learning he is to be a father again, two years after the death of his baby girl Azaylia.

The former footballer and reality star is expecting a baby son with an unnamed woman who wants to stay out of the public eye, following the death of his daughter, aged eight months, from acute myeloid leukaemia in April 2021.

Cain, 33, and Azaylia’s mother, Safiyya Vorajee are no longer a couple but run a foundation in their daughter’s name together.

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Azaylia had an aggressive form of leukaemia (Anthony Nolan/PA)

Revealing how he felt when he got the news he would have another child, he told ITV’s Good Morning Britain: “(Learning) that I was going to be a dad again, it was different to usually find out that news because I felt slightly guilty.

“I felt slightly hurt for Azaylia, and I didn’t really expect this to be the case.

“But very quickly I took the responsibility of being a father, I realise that every child is a blessing and I’ve got myself in the right mind frame.

“I had a long time to think about it, to try and be the best person I can be for my son that’s going to be coming into this world and, and that’s what I intend to do.”

He added: “I think I was meant to be a daddy.

“I love children, I love my family’s children and it’s hard every time to see them because I always think that’s what Azaylia would be doing now.

“And I think that will be the case with my son.

“We also had news that he has a potential heart defect, which was very painful to hear and it’s very concerning, because I’ve been through that situation of heartbreak with Azaylia.

“I’m just trying to stay very positive, very hopeful, and keeping that belief that he will be OK and I’m just going make sure that I’m in a solid position to be the best dad I can be either way.”

Cain said it was “incredibly difficult” sharing the news with Vorajee that he was expecting another child.

He said: “It was important for me when I found out to be as open as honest and as transparent as I could be while trying to be respectful and caring at the same time.

“When I told Safiyya I couldn’t have expected it to have gone any better.

“It was a time where we both shed tears, but it was a time where she congratulated me, wished me the best.”

Cain said he is determined that the work of the foundation he runs in memory of his daughter will not be affected, adding: “I cannot stop doing what I’m doing because that little girl was special to me.

“That little girl was more than a daughter, she’s somebody that inspires me.

“She’s somebody that I look up to.

“And she’s somebody that gave me a reason to be the best person I can be for other people on this earth and I love her.

“I miss her and I will always honour her.

“And that mission has to continue because there’s still so many children on this earth that need it.”


Cain said he even went to his daughter’s grave after learning he was to be a father again, to speak to her.

He said: “She was the first person that I needed to speak to.

“I had to go down and tell her straight away.

“I always envisioned this incredible relationship that I was going to have with my daughter, it was going to be open, it was going to be honest.

“I was going to talk to her about anything.

“She was going to go to trust and tell me anything, and that hasn’t changed for me.

“I had to tell her because I believe that by talking to her, it would help lift the weight on my shoulders and by being honest with her then I would know what the right thing is to do and how the right way is to feel.

“And as soon as I did speak to her, it did.

“I believe she would have been the most incredible big sister.

“She’s strong, she’s fearless and even now, she would always watch over and protect him and that’s the most important thing for me.”