Davina McCall has started an application for a French passport, after what she described as a “complicated” relationship with her mother.

Former Big Brother presenter McCall, 56, has said that her French mother Florence McCall was “chaotic” and an alcoholic.

In an Instagram post on Wednesday McCall wrote: “Yesterday was a huge day. I went to the French embassy to start the process of getting my French passport.

“This isn’t about just trying to make my life easier. It was a very emotional day.

“Culturally this feels huge for me. I’ve always felt a huge affinity with France, but I had a complicated relationship with my French mum and I can’t explain why but this feels very healing. Like I’m acknowledging I am half her.

“And it feels good x vive la France.”

McCall has spoken about her difficult relationship with her mother, with whom she claims she used to smoke cannabis when she was 12.

She told The Times in August: “I don’t want to slag her off. She was my mum, warts and all. She wasn’t perfect. And she did make me, in so many ways, who I am.

“She was party central, but also, I’m at pains to say, along with being quite a chaotic parent, she was really f****** fun.”

McCall has most recently hosted My Mum, Your Dad, a dating show for middle-aged contestants which had its first series on ITV1 this year.