Fog blankets the London streets, and menace lurks within the Victorian house where the cruel, autocratic Jack Manningham (Daniel Pirrie) persists in trying to erode the sanity of his unfortunate wife Bella (Laura Pyper).

The gaslight glows and dims, as we witness the couple's turbulent relationship and interaction with their household staff. Maggie McCarthy's performance as the homely, sympathetic Elizabeth contrasts well with Gemma Lawrence's lively portrayal of the pert, promiscuous maid, Nancy. Daniel Pirrie gives a fine portrayal of the evil Manningham, whose calculated scheme involves moods swing from tenderness to tyranny and who replaces the lure of a theatre trip with a terrifying barrage of bullying.

Laura Pyper is excellent as Bella, whose status is constantly undermined. She is forced to believe Manningham’s constant assertion that she is doomed to inherit the insanity that afflicted her mother.

Bella is left alone while her husband goes out in the evenings. She is lonely and afraid, as the gaslights dim and strange sounds are heard – or could they be imagined?

Mark Noble’s sound effects and Blair Mowat’s atmospheric compositions heighten the tension of Patrick Hamilton’s psychological thriller.

The unexpected arrival of a mysterious visitor brings the action startlingly to life, as new facts emerge, Joseph Marcell’s brilliant, commanding performance as Rough, the former detective, dominates this excellent production, directed by Edward Dick.

Helen Goddard designed the set, which captures the period perfectly and cleverly conveys a sense of claustrophobia on the Playhouse's spacious stage.

Major honours must go to Tim Mitchell for his amazing lighting design that combines the authentic gaslight of the era with banks of modern spotlights that enhance the drama and ensure a stunning finale., “That lighting director needs an Oscar!” I heard one playgoer remark.

I first saw Gaslight many years ago, but I can promise you that this enthralling in-house production at Salisbury Playhouse is unlikely to be bettered. Catch it if you can.