Loud & Clear


Vincent Poole, Perish the Thought and Nicola Wallis

Friday May 3 to Sunday May 19

THE Beaumont Gallery in Mere welcomes Vincent Poole, Perish the Thought and Nicola Wallis with their fabulous exhibition of mixed media artworks, open at weekends or by appointment at any other time. Admission is free and refreshments are available.

Vincent Poole has been making collages for 15 years which have shown and sold all over the world. His work is highly regarded and has been acquired by numerous international corporate, public and private collections. Since 2017, alongside this work, he established his company Perish The Thought which creates collections of original artworks at affordable prices that merge design, graphics, fine art and pop art.

Nicola Wallis describes her works as simple plays of geometry influenced by both architecture and modernist practices of fabrication but are primarily underpinned by her interest in contemporary painting. She is fascinated by the behaviour and qualities of different painting mediums, which allow her to explore how a painting might be conceived as a material that becomes its own support and content.

Andrew Walworth of Beaumont Gallery, who is curating the exhibition, said “Beaumont Gallery was established to bring contemporary art of all kinds to this part of Wiltshire and Vincent, Perish The Thought and Nicola’s artworks truly fit our vision. They have very different approaches to their art, but their output really complements one another’s work. Vincent has exhibited and sold his collages worldwide and now, through Perish The Thought, is creating original consumer/Pop Art influenced artworks at affordable prices. Nicola has won awards and scholarships for her explorations into the nature of paint. They recently moved to Mere where Nicola is establishing her new studio. I’m looking forward to what will be a really diverse and collectable exhibition.”