A Battle of Britain party gave residents at Marden House Care Home in Calne the chance to re-live their wartime days on Saturday.

Twenty-eight residents enjoyed songs and dancing displays led by the Blitz Buddies, a group of history enthusiasts who have an interest in wartime memorabilia, music and fashion.

They dressed in typical costumes from the period and brought several items to share with residents, from gas masks to parachute nylon.

Carers brightened up the home with Union Jack flags and blue, white and red flower displays based on designs from the 1940s.

Particular highlights included a performance from members of the group on a ukulele, poems read by residents, and a Spitfire-design cake baked by the care home’s cook.

Events co-ordinator Laura Graham said the wartime would have been a frightening experience for many of the care home’s residents, who were young children at the time.

She said: “When they brought the gas mask along with them I got a bit tearful thinking about how scary it would have been.

“They got to hear some stories from our residents about them growing up in the war, so they managed to take something back from our residents as well.

“There was a wonderful feeling throughout the day. Everyone was laughing and they kept making jokes about the war.”