Residents at Lyes Grove Sheltered Housing in Dilton Marsh say they have noticed a drastic turnaround in the amount of care they are receiving since the Wiltshire Times exposed failings by Somerset Care at the end of October.

Somerset Care’s area manager Martin Ross has visited Lyes Grove several times in recent weeks to address complaints made by residents that they have been let down by the care provider.

They claimed that since Wiltshire Council handed Somerset Care the Help to Live at Home contract for west Wiltshire in 2011, the support and care they receive has been non-existent.

However, the residents say that since the story was published, they have had visits from two wardens on a regular basis and many of those living in the housing have now had assessments.

Julie Rice-Harvey, 73, said: “They have turned themselves inside out for us and at the moment we are getting two wardens here almost every day, which is completely different to how it was before.

“Everyone is much happier with the increase in warden care, but we are waiting to see how long it lasts. It has taken a huge weight off of us, though, because those most in need are now receiving regular visits.”