A SERIES of planning orders are set to be introduced in the South Marston area in an attempt to attract businesses and help them to grow.

Local Development Orders are to be placed on the Honda Manufacturing Plant, the South Marston Trading Estate and Keypoint, which is adjacent to the village.

If they are formally adopted then it would mean that companies based on those sites would be able to build non-contentious projects without having to go through the planning process.

Honda would therefore be able to make minor alterations to the plant while businesses on the other site can upgrade their buildings without having to go through the often time consuming process on applying for formal permission.

It is hoped the orders will also act as an incentive to attract new businesses to the area, which will bring new jobs.

There are restrictions on what can be built so companies will have to get a certificate from the council to confirm their works is within the limitations of the Local Development Order.

A number of affected businesses were consulted on the plan, along with the parish council, who all came out in favour once a few minor alterations to ensure neighbouring properties could not be affected by any build works.

Honda have said they are fully supportive of the orders. During the 30 year lifetime of the manufacturing plant, Honda have put in more than 100 low impact planning applications, which can take several months to be accepted.

The council has decided to place the order on the plant in the hope it will give the firm more confidence to invest.

It will allow Honda to make a variety of changes including extensions up to 5,000 square metres and the replacement of existing buildings.

A spokesperson for the car maker said: “We welcome the news that the Local Development Order has been put in place. The new process will enable us to move certain changes through quickly and efficiently, saving time and money.”

The Local Development Orders are due to go before the planning committee for approval tonight.