POLICE stopped more than 100 vehicles this week during a four-day operation targeting caravans and trailers.

Officers spent three days covering the north of the county along the M4 east and west carriageways as well as the A419, and one day in the south of the county on the A303 and the A36.

They were joined by a representative from the Central Registration and Identification Scheme, which holds the national register for caravans and a database for all stolen caravans.

During the operation, 13 vehicles were prohibited for offences including being overweight or in a dangerous condition, fixed penalty notices were issued to 19 drivers with one driver reported for having no insurance. Advice was also given to numerous drivers in relation to minor traffic offences.

PC Adrian Giles said: “One vehicle which we stopped on the M4 was a twin axle vehicle which was over a ton overweight with a deflated tyre on one of the axles – the consequence of which could have been a serious collision.

“The CRiS were able to assist us during the operation with their equipment which enables us to identify any stolen caravans by the use of a special scanner.

“During the operation, we were also able to check the general condition of the caravans and ensure drivers had the relevant licence entitlement.

“It was an ideal time to carry out this kind of operation as so many people are out and about on their holidays, with caravans in tow.

“We weren’t aiming to cause disruptions to people’s holidays however, and one of the main aims of the operation was simply to educate drivers and occupants about safer towing and ensure vehicles are road worthy.

“We had a really positive reaction from nearly all the motorists we stopped who were happy to see that police treat caravan thefts as a very serious issue.”