A COMPUTER aided designer who suffered with depression and anxiety in the months leading up to his death did intend to take his own life a coroner has ruled.

Jason Hart, 46, died at his home in Brunswick Street in Old Town, on June 16 last year from hanging.

At his inquest on Friday in Salisbury, assistant coroner David Coward heard evidence from Mr Hart’s sister as well as doctors caring for him.

In the months prior to his death, Mr Hart lost a work contract and, after seeking help from a counsellor, his mood was said to have improved but he would go through down days.

A statement read out to the coroner by his sister, said: “On the Tuesday he died, he did sound quite down and I said he could join us for dinner. I tried to contact him throughout the morning but had no reply and I felt something wasn’t right.

"I had my concerns about what I might find at the house. I never expected to find what I did.”

In the toxicology report, it was found that there were traces of morphine, codeine and trazodone as well as 51mg of alcohol per litre of blood in Mr Hart's system but they were not attributed to his death.

PC Philip Nash, of Wiltshire Police, who was the officer dealing with the case told the coroner there was no suicide note left by Mr Hart.

In conclusion Mr Coward said: “Mr Hart’s death was due to the compression of the neck structures by ligature at his home.

"He intended to take his own life in tough times therefore my conclusion beyond a reasonable doubt is suicide.”