The Crucible,

Gatecrash Theatre,

Swindon Arts Centre, Old Town

Set in 1692, when witchcraft was very much believed in by all, a production that had a suitably eerie and powerful atmosphere from the very start.
Gatecrash Theatre’s version of Arthur Miller’s classic ‘The Crucible’ was gritty, raw and totally engaging to watch – as it sucked us in from the very start and didn’t let go until the lights went down on its powerful and emotional ending.
What made this show even more polished was the fact that this year, for the first time, this well known local theatre group had a professional designer on board as well as being professionally directed and stage managed. This really showed that it’s, without a doubt, professional theatre at its finest from start to finish.
Set in a quaint and rural community, the actors were totally believable and each and every one of them commanded our attention when it was their turn to speak.
The hysteria of the storyline is completely enticing and a lesson is continuously preached about how mindless gossip can have devastating consequences.
Everyone gave it their all but a special mention has to go out to Steve Cowley, who played the part of John Proctor, and Rio Cormack, who played his wife Elizabeth Proctor. Both fantastic actors.
Steve stole the attention in every scene and Rio’s performance of a suspicious and angry wife was was outstanding.
The other person who stood out was Shaniece Williams, who played the part of Tituba. This actress' portrayal of her emotions was incredible.
Everything about this production – from its stage set up to the music, and from its actors to its lighting effects – left me feeling proud of this local theatre company.
The very dramatic end of the production, which left several people in the audience in tears, left me saying “wow” out loud and wanting to see what else this fine example of Swindon’s talent will offer in the future.
 - By Kelly Jobanputra