RESIDENTS in a Gorse Hill cul-de-sac fear that persistent parking problems could cause a crash after new double-yellow lines painted near the close's entrance have failed to fix the issue.

Sarah Bedwell contacted the council after cars regularly parked along one side of the road on a blind corner have forced motorists to drive onto the wrong side of the road when going into the close, right into the path of drivers going in the opposite direction.

The 41-year-old suggested that the double-yellows added to the road last week by Swindon Borough Council won't solve this dangerous issue because they weren't on the side of the road where the cars are often parked.

She said:"We've been complaining about the dangerous entrance to this close for years.

"It's quite a busy close because of the doctor's and chemists, there are plenty of spaces in their car parks but people don't see them because of the hedge and they park along the corner instead.

"The council added double-yellow lines to part of the road because lorries were having trouble getting to the new houses being built on the close behind us, but the cars park along the left-hand side of the road and the lines are on the right.

"When the new houses are finished, the traffic will only get worse, it's a nightmare.

"All we are asking is for double-yellow lines to be added down this side so that there is clear access."

Her neighbour Martin Wright agreed.

He said: "I've been here for 10 years and this has been a problem since day one.

"We are trying to prevent an accident from happening but the council say nothing will be done.

"I just want to be able to drive out of the close without dodging another car coming the other way."

Sarah added: "The council said that they have no reports of traffic accidents on the road and cannot do anything else.

"Does someone have to get hurt before they take action?"

"Also, they only sent leaflets about the new lines to eight houses as they said these were the only ones affected - all of us are affected."

A spokesperson for Swindon Borough Council said: "The new parking restrictions have been introduced with the support of local ward councillors to address residents’ concerns without resulting in the displacement of parked vehicles further into May Close.

"A full statutory consultation was carried out and no objections were raised against the proposals by residents of May Close.

"However, the council is aware that some residents do not feel the new restrictions go far enough and we would ask that any concerns are raised with local ward councillors."