A TOP Harley Street nutritionist who hails from Melksham has published an expert’s guide to healthy eating.

‘Re-Nourish: A Simple Way To Eat Well’ by Rhiannon Lambert was published just before Christmas and has already become a bestseller.

Best known for winning Classic FM’s Singer of the Year at the age of 17 in 2007, Rhiannon Lambert is a former George Ward School pupil.

She is now a London Harley Street nutritionist specialising in weight management, eating disorders and sports nutrition.

Her book is an expert's guide to re-nourishing your mind and body through nutrition without having to diet or restrict what you eat.

Rhiannon said: “With the rising trend of 'healthy eating' many of us have lost touch with the true meaning of nutrition.

“I want to take us back to basics with my simple approach to eating well, free from dieting and restriction.

“Food should be a positive aspect of life, offering enjoyment, fuel and happiness for both the mind and body.”

Grounded in scientific evidence, in this part handbook and part cookbook, Rhiannon shares her food philosophy to inform, inspire and help you fall back in love with food.

Following the structure of a consultation with Rhiannon at her Harley Street clinic, Rhitrition, readers can discover the foundations for a happy, healthy relationship with eating once and for all.

They can also learn how to create delicious, nourishing meals with ease, from her simple Re-Nourish Menu.

Re-Nourish also includes sections on Weight and the Gut; Fuelling Fitness; A Balanced Plate; Blood Sugar; Food and Mood; Mindful Eating and Sleep.

The 256-page book is published by Yellow Kite and is available on Amazon, price £12.91. The Kindle edition is £12.99.

More information about Rhiannon and her book can be found on her website: www.rhitrition.com