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The future looks scary

I DON’T really understand why we are so desperate for Brexit. My boyfriend is German although his mother is French. He works in engineering in Britain.

We visited both his parents over Christmas which we’ve done the last two years. This takes us to France and Germany as they are separated, but luckily they don’t live too far from each other, just an hour’s drive. No waiting at borders.

Their separation is amicable so we even make a foursome for a night out either side of the border.

They are both considering retirement to one of the warmer southern countries in the EU, which would be better for their health problems.

My boyfriend and I want to get married and buy a house but our earnings (I work in retail), are not high.

We’re looking at relocating if we can find somewhere with cheaper housing and relatively higher wages.

I speak a little French and German, and am finding that although I didn’t enjoy languages at school, now I really like learning languages and speaking to people in the real world.

I find all the possibilities open to me as an EU citizen exiting. Now it looks as though my boyfriend will keep all his EU citizen’s rights and I won’t. How is that fair?

I want to ask all the Brexit politicians, why are you doing this to us? What is so fantastic about this Brexit?

I never noticed anything wrong with the EU except a load of daft stuff in the papers about bendy bananas etc.

All the promises in the referendum campaign said everything would be all right, and the rest was just project fear.

Now we are being told none of the promises were real. When we visit my parents in Wales, the conversation always turns to Brexit because my mum and I voted in and my dad voted Out.

Recently dad seems to be getting angrier and angrier about it. Mum says the papers are evil, causing Remainer politicians to get death threats. I think she’s right. Why death threats?

They talk about regaining sovereignty, but on the Continent nobody seems to feel they’re any less French, or German because of the EU, so why is it such a problem for us?

I think the future is very scary with Brexit and I’m really not looking forward to it.


Not much will change

Understandably, there has been much media coverage, and many letters, on the subject of Brexit; but most, if not all, have been pure speculation about what may happen when (or, as some would wish, if) we leave the EU.

The fact is that no one, not even those involved in the negotiations, can know, for certain, what sort of deal we will be able to reach with the EU – or, indeed, if there will be no deal.

We should certainly not expect our negotiators to show their hand prior to talks – for all negotiations have to be conducted in private if there is to be any hope of success.

However, there are some certainties about what life will be like after we have left (which will take effect due to the promulgation of Article 50).

We will be able to trade with the EU – as happens now with many other countries that are not members of the EU; often under international trade treaties to which the EU is a signatory.

We will be able to travel to EU countries; and we will also be able to work and live in those countries – as do many people from non-member countries, at present.

Likewise, EU citizens will be able to come and live and work in the UK – as do others from many from other countries.

There will be an exchange of views, and personnel, in the field of research – as there is now with many countries, both within and from outside the EU.

Most importantly, we will be able to take control of our own destiny. We will be subject to our laws, made by our Parliament (as well as international law).

And we will be able to control immigration by being able to decide who can enter our country – regardless of their country of origin.

MALCOLM MORRISON, Prospect Hill, Swindon

Speak for yourself

ON DECEMBER 1 Martin Costello wrote a letter titled “We are all Brexiteers”.

Excuse me? Speak for yourself. Just because a lot the British public have been lulled into believing that Brexit is the only way, does not mean we are all now right wing zombies.

I am most certainly not a Brexiteer. I am a 24-year-old professional who works in London, and as if it wasn’t already hard enough us to survive in Britain, my generation and generations to come are going to suffer because of Brexit.

The EU makes sense. Why can’t we be sovereign and still be in the EU? My Grandad fought for peace and unity between countries. He fought for the Second World War to end.

Having a European Union is the best way to help prevent world war.

Yet, just for the sake of it, it seems Britain is throwing a tantrum and wants to be “free”, to stand alone. And for what? For sovereignty?

What use is it being so patriotic to ourselves nowadays? If there is anything worth being patriotic towards, it’s our planet.

The EU regulations are agreed in the best interest for everyone. They prevent companies from cutting corners and exploiting their workers.

They prevent the food industry lacing our meals plastic, mercury and other carcinogens.

Can we trust our Government to put progress, health and the environment before profits and trade after Brexit, when we’re slavering over trade with Trump?

Costello calls this a ‘New dawn’ and a ‘Brave new world’ ( Letters Mon Dec 15). Yeah, right...!

CICI STYLES, via email

Blame the drivers

I MUST admit to liking the attitude of Roger Lack about motorists/road users etc, and the lack of common sense driving of many.

He does have an attitude that is similar in some ways to mine but, in his recent letter, (Advertiser, Friday 21st), he mentions the A419 being ‘dangerous.’ I do agree that it does seem, dangerous but the road itself is fine. It is the motorists using it is the problem.

If you are entering from a slip road, be aware and expect the vehicles in lane one to be travelling between 56-62mph.

If you match your speed as early as possible on the slip road you should be able to easily slot in to a gap.

I have never not had a gap to slot into based on that approach and there is nothing in the Highway Code about giving a signal to join as there is only one determined route.

However a signal does indicate your intention to ‘ask for permission to join the club’ and will attract attention, hopefully.

I agree with Roger though in some ways, but most roads are not dangerous as such, although, some could be improved with engineering.

Roger, I like your thoughts and concerns and understand your reasoning.

CHRIS GLEED, Proud Close, Purton

Fans lured away

SWINDON police are still searching for approximately 5,000 football fans who failed to arrive at the County Ground on Boxing Day afternoon (SA Saturday December 23).

They are believed to have been intercepted by a figure with long hair and a beard, dressed in flowing robes offering the 5,000 souls Boxing Day bargains (not loaves and fishes).

Hopefully they will be found alive and well before Saturday afternoon.

JOHN STALLEY, Euclid Street, Swindon