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We have a bright future

A LETTER of sanity sandwiched between two rather naively written letters. I refer of course to Mr Morrison’s letter, SA 30 December.

Brexit is happening as market forces dramatically show. The end of last week saw the FTSE 100 rise to a new record high.

The Remoaners Project Fear is left in the weeds. This country is booming, exports to the rest of the world are increasing dramatically, given the fillip of the initial drop in the value of the pound. The pound subsequently has been steadily gaining in value and exports continue to increase.

All praise to Dr Liam Fox for steadily increasing the numbers of trade negotiators and building up rapport with countries around the world.

According to Project Fear this country should have suffered massive unemployment, figures show the reverse and we are now enjoying record jobs gains. When will the Remoaners stop trying to drag this Great Nation down?

The majority of the voting public voted for the UK to regain its sovereignty. This is not possible within the EU. The mantra of ‘Ever closer integration’ gives the lie to this.

The UK is a world beating nation, as is becoming increasingly apparent.

That extra £350m a week to the NHS could well become a reality.

The future is bright. The future is Brexit.


Stop remoaning

As a Brexiteer I will attempt to answer Roger Dyson’s simple one-word answer question - ‘Will we be better off out of the EU’ - but I expect him to answer my questions in return.

Yes, or we should be. Sadly, Theresa May has squandered the UK’s powerful negotiating position in her Florence speech by opening the cheque book, as a bribe, without demanding anything in return. Surely, even the people who voted remain must admit the EU is intransigent. May should hit them with our demands and a timescale. If it’s not met the UK walks away. She must stop grovelling and take control, then the UK will boom.

If the “remoaners” were to back the government in its efforts to secure a deal, mindful of the “red lines”, the EU would know we mean business.

Funny how, after 40 years of giving it away, Parliament suddenly wants to be sovereign, just to scupper any chances of Brexit. Sorry “remoaners”, it only becomes sovereign AFTER we leave!

Now my questions Roger. What will you say, when the UK is forced to join the Euro? When the UK has to hand over control of our Armed Forces to Europe? When our taxes are fully controlled by Brussels? What are the UK’s leaving commitments that PM May is willing to fork out £39 billion on as a sweetener?


Interesting comparison

I WRITE, following the article about car parking charges at GWH, which in comparison with the Churchill Hospital in Oxford is less except for overnight stay, which is free at the Churchill. That is if you are lucky enough to find a parking space, which can take up to an hour to locate.