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MPs work for us

In response to Sarah Church’s letter (19th Dec) I am astonished she suggests that the newspaper headline could be interpreted as ‘hate speech’ by suggesting it draws parallels to the awful murder of Jo Cox by someone with mental health issues.

I would like to know what her view is on the hatred totally unjustifiably whipped up by the mainstream media and establishment over the last decade towards the United Kingdom Independence Party and its members that is still continuing to this day.

These MPs were rightly named and shamed for their betrayal of the electorate. They had no right to vote with their consciences as they are not employed to do this. They are however employed to carry out the will of the people whether they agree or not, this is what democracy fundamentally is.

The job of an MP is to speak for the collective view of their constituency and not what they want for themselves that is sadly common place in Parliament today. It is time MPs were reminded that they work for us!

I would suggest that if Sarah still wishes to be elected in future, she would do well to bear this in mind. If she cares about democracy, her country and the future of her children/grandchildren like myself, then she will realise she is serving the wrong party. I believe the real story of the day that was conveniently overlooked was that the Labour party are now effectively a remain party.

Labour should be utterly ashamed of themselves for giving false promises on Brexit.

I am also extremely alarmed that Jeremy Corybn is “not concerned about numbers” and not seeking to reduce immigration in yet another U-turn.

Sadly, Labour no longer represent the working class, it is full to the brim of champagne socialist MPs who tell us to ‘do as I say, not as I do’.

MARTIN COSTELLO, Eldene, Swindon

Justifiable concerns

I WOULD like to reply to letters written by Alan Spencer and Henry Smith. Actually I do take umbrage at being referred to as a remoaner, because I and many others still have justifiable concerns.

We know that Brexit is happening but want it to be the best possible outcome for everyone. Henry Smith tries to make Brexit already a success by saying that the economy is booming. We all know we have had booming economies before but we also have had bust as well.

I will answer Alan’s questions If staying in the Euro pean Union meant us being forced to join the euro no; European Army can be negotiated; as far as taxes are concerned if it true can be debated. One thing for sure, if you are in the club you can always talk, if you’re out no chance.

On the issue of sovereignty the US own more than 75% of our shares, we do not own anything anymore. In fact we produce less than Ireland and Holland.

So the question is still on the table will we be better off out of Europe?

ROGER DYSON, Churchfield, Haydon Wick, Swindon