AN abandoned play park has been branded an eyesore by residents, who have demanded the council either scrap it or repair it.

The Bergman Close children’s play area, which is on the Abbey Meads/Penhill boundary, was closed by the council last year after vandals destroyed it.

Workmen then began dismantling the apparatus and left fencing around some of the more dangerous pot holes.

But nearby residents and those who walk their dogs in the area have insisted that the play park cannot be left in its current state of disrepair.

Mark Todd, who lives a 30-second walk from the play park, said: “It looks like an absolute eyesore, I just can’t believe it has been left like that – it’s like a building site.

“I have no idea what the council is planning to do with it, but it cannot be left like that.”

The play area was once very popular with children in north Swindon.

But numerous instances of gangs of youths coming across the footbridge from the Penhill area resulted, in September, in the park being trashed.

Equipment had been smashed, the floor had been torn up and debris was left scattered.

The council took the decision to close it while a decision was made on its long-term future.

Dog walker Kerry McAllen, 38, from Abbey Meads, said: “It looks horrible and it can’t be safe. There’s nothing to stop people jumping over the fence and getting hurt.

“I think the council should either get rid of it completely, giving us more space for the dogs to run and play, or they should rebuild it. I know it won’t be cheap but something definitely needs to be done.”

In response, the council said that outstanding work to return the area to grassland will be carried out in the spring.

A council spokesman said: “A decision was taken a couple of months ago to remove the Bergman Close play area due to the continued vandalism and the proximity of other parks in the local area.

“Although the play equipment has been taken out, the wet ground conditions have meant we have not been able to remove the gate and foundations as the large machinery needed for this task would cause damage to a larger area.

“The play area is currently cordoned off and checked weekly to ensure the fence is secure.”