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We must import less

Unemployment in Britain has now fallen to 4.3% the lowest rate for 40 years.

Superficially this would appear to be very good news for the British economy.

Britain should be getting richer, but here is the paradox the more people that get jobs the poorer the country seems to be, because the national debt is rising and is approaching two trillion pounds.

Manufacturing production is not the place where the growth in jobs is occurring and it is exports of manufactured goods that creates wealth. Britain is not exporting enough. The trade deficit is getting worse.

So as more people find work this increases the demand for imports.

As a country we need to learn to make more things for ourselves and not rely on importing everything.

All imports make the country poorer.

Steve Halden, Beaufort Green, Swindon

Let’s have answers

In response to Martin Costello’s disgusting attack on Swindon and its residents, maybe he would like to answer the following questions? In his ignorance he overlooked the fact that an elected MP has the duty to represent all people in his/her constituency whatever the person’s religion, nationality, skin colour, sexuality. How would/could Mr Costello achieve this with such views?

Re immigration, if ever Mr Costello was in need of emergency aid/help would he turn away the help of an immigrant or refugee? Or would he be like the far right anti-immigrant German politician Stefan Jagsch, who accepted help and first aid from two Syrian refugees after he was involved in a car crash.

In a previous letter Mr Costello asks why are the media and establishment in the UK always attacking UKIP? Maybe because it’s the sort of language you use Mr Costello, or the vile racist talk of the former partner of UKIP leader Mr Bolton, or the sort of people who attach themselves to UKIP.

Finally regarding your use of the term “slum”, I have an excellent book on my bookcase Planet of Slums by Mike Davis. May I suggest you buy a copy and educate yourself on what a slum is/looks like.

Mark Webb, Old Town, Swindon

Nothing to be proud of

Are the Switch on to Swindon team proud of this landmark roundabout which visitors see on the eastern side of our town? What an image! After only six months it is covered in weeds. The centre ground gives the impression of an unkept field. Drainage ditches are full of weeds and rubbish blocking drainage. We all like to see a sliver birch tree or two, however this many must be a joke.

The roundabout will require high maintenance which I doubt our council will ever carry out. Don’t mention the tacky coloured lighting which could, possibly, cause distraction to motorists.

One must ask the question why a second Magic Roundabout was not planned which would have required minimal maintenance.

Surely, it is high time the council followed the example set by our historic companies, the railway works, Garrard Engineering and Vickers Armstrong. These companies insisted on quality and people usually know the true meaning of pride.

Roger Hayes, Birchwood Road, Swindon

Who is paying?

Monday evening 22 January, I am driving out of Swindon towards Oxford approaching the Greenbridge roundabout – what a spectacular site.

The new silver birch trees all floodlit, colours changing – brilliant.

But who has paid for this installation and who will pay the running costs?

I do not have to remind fellow motorists that our council pleads poverty and cannot even the maintain our roads – potholes galore, white line worn away. Many islands and centre reservations nicely landscaped are no longer cared for.

Now what about those of you who do not drive? Would you see this installation a priority? I doubt it. I await our council’s justification for this extravagance.

Ian Handy, Westlecot Road, Swindon

Lighten up please

I have detected a lack of sense of humour on the letter pages with only a few exceptions.

A lady friend of mine back in Glasgow walked into a chemists and asked for cyanide to kill her husband.

The shocked chemist replied, that would mean I am complicit to a murder madam. Cyanide is strictly controlled.

The lady in question then produced a photograph of her husband in bed with the chemists wife.

The chemist then replied, madam you never told me you had a prescription.

Would the boring Remainers and Brexiters give us a break from their personal opinions for a change on these pages, please. They wont change a thing.

Finally, what do you call a Scotsman with a current account? A retired bank robber.

Bill Williams, Merlin Way, Covingham, Swindon

Change of plan

Chief Constable Mike Veale announced his intention to leave the Wiltshire Force and become the head of Cleveland Police, and I am sure many of us who got to know him will wish him well as he embarks on a new and bigger job.

However, Mike’s decision will disappoint some.

Not because he is leaving, but because only two short months ago he released a statement in which he said: “I have been with Wiltshire Police for coming up to 13 years and my commitment to the force I lead and the communities we serve is as strong today as it ever has been.”

He went on to say “The suggestion that I am about to quit the force is simply not true.

“I remain fully committed to Wiltshire Police and I am exceptionally proud to serve as its Chief Constable.”

I suppose it’s a sign of the times that you can’t believe a word anyone says, including a chief police officer.

Des Morgan, Caraway Drive, Swindon