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We’re for the people

In response to Mark Webb (29th Jan) I say if you actually believe that I think Swindon is a third world slum you are very naive and mistaken. I am however sending out a stark warning that we are heading this way with the demise of our public services and infrastructure.

Mass immigration is purely about numbers and nothing else, please understand they are not linked in anyway. I am in fact a Swindon 200 Ambassador that promotes equality so please stop the with worn out racist nonsense that is doing nothing but promoting hate itself.

I love my town and my fellow Swindonians; NEVER have I attacked the residents. I want the best for all regardless of race, culture or religion. A Swindonian’s background has no bearing on this and I am appalled that once again race has been shamelessly dragged it to it.

I want to see a fair immigration system that allows us to fill the gaps in the NHS, that welcomes more hard working brave doctors and nurses who come here to help our NHS, to keep us well, to save our lives. I thank those NHS heroes for their brave work!

Unemployment is at its lowest rate in a very long time, we do not need more unskilled migrants putting more pressure on the NHS and housing.

With regards to Bolton, he has an amazing CV but UKIP is a party that promotes family values. Due to his conduct he must go and allow Gerard Batten to run the party on an interim basis so we can focus on Brexit, the housing crisis, the NHS and putting British nationals first again.

UKIP is not right wing but is actually a populist party. Most of our recent members have come from Labour. Labour have not represented the working class for decades and people are now realising that we are their voice.

Martin Costello, Eldene, Swindon

Homes and jobs for all

The letter from Mark Webb (29 Jan) does not recognise that Martin Costello was simply arguing for improved public services in Swindon.

The problems in Swindon range from closing libraries, draconian cuts to public services, cancelled operations at the Great Western Hospital, homelessness and the difficulty for the young generation in finding a home to buy or rent.

It is the duty of the people of our generation to help the young make a good start in life. The first requirement of a young family is to have a decent home which is at a rent that is affordable for the working class.

It is the aim of UKIP that everyone in Britain should have a decent home and job regardless of race, colour or creed.

Terry Hayward, Burnham Road, Swindon

From left to right

Everyone has heard a right wing racist rant start with the phrase “I am not a racist but...”. In fact they probably all do. Another rant starts “I am not a racist, I am a racialist”.

However a new phrase has started to be used - “UKIP is not right wing party, it is a populist party”. This is usually followed by “many of our members have come from Labour”.

May I point out that the “populist” Oswald Mosley had also been a member of the Labour Party.

Steve Thompson, Norman Road, Swindon

A pointless charge

I WAS intrigued to read that Cllr Dale Heenan will be “leading the charge” against high rail fares.

“Fantastic!” I thought to see a Tory politician finally take a stand against the eye-watering prices that we face when travelling by rail from Swindon.

I read on, and found that this charge would be a Borough Council submission to the GWR consultation presumably begging a private company for lower fares.

I hate to rain on the councillor’s parade but as someone who has partaken in a fair few consultations, it will take more than this.

I see also he dismisses public ownership of rail out of hand. This is where he really misses the point: critical national infrastructure is not a competitive open market where consumers can make choices about value for money.

Unfortunately, we are stuck with rail franchise owners who hoover up our money and reinvest very little back into the service, including in lower fares.

A glance over the Channel would offer some solutions: Deutschebahn is a state-owned private company which provides a cheap and reliable service with the ability to reinvest in infrastructure rather than prioritise shareholder profits.

In this country, the East Coast Mainline nationalisation in the 2000s was a huge success and demonstrably cheaper for the taxpayer. Perhaps Cllr Heenan might take a minute to understand the practicalities of nationalisation.

Sarah Church, Labour Parliamentary Candidate for South Swindon

2p or not 2p?

I had a chance meeting with an old friend. Over a hot cuppa, Harry confided in me that he attempted to pay for his newspaper with a foreign coin, which the shop owner refused.

It is a Channel Island coin to the value of two pence. It has the same dimensions and weight as its UK cousin. It bears the Queen’s head and no problem for vending machines.

We did a search and found a mention of an ambiguous law stating, as long as the Channel Island coins doesn’t exceed 20p they may be accepted as payment in mainland Britain. The bottom line is, it’s probably left to the retailer’s discretion.

Harry very rarely uses vending machines and has no plans to holiday in the Channel Islands so, did I have any ideas what he could do with his coin? I said he could try gluing it to the pavement and watch while people try to pick it up. Or, he might consider investing it in a long term saving’s account. He seemed keen on my initial suggestion, but the last about investing he discounted as going “beyond the pale”.

William Abraham, Rodbourne