TROWBRIDGE residents are deeply concerned about a newly updated application to build 121 homes on the outskirts of the town as they say the site has troubling safety and access issues.

After having a proposal to build 120 homes off of Drynham Lane, near Southview Park, turned down by Wiltshire Council in 2015 and then rescinding one for 91 homes the year after, Wainhomes has put forward a new application once again.

It was previously turned down over concerns it would harm local wildlife, potential flooding issues and that it would rip up the green space separating Trowbridge and North Bradley.

Jody Hawkes, of nearby Toucan Street, said: “As soon as we saw that a new application had been proposed, we hoped that they may have suggested an alternative access, but looking at the map on the application form, there is still just one road in and out, which we feel could be dangerous.

“Especially since the roads on the estate are narrow and currently mostly one way since most people have to park on the road as parking is not sufficient

“The roads around here are narrow and bendy, especially on Toucan Street, Kingfisher Close and Sparrow Street, some at 90 degree angles causing all sorts of obstructions. If the planning is approved, there will obviously be more congestion, it will be dangerous and it will be hard for emergency vehicles to get around here. The infrastructure for this development really needs to be considered along with improvements to our estate to support it. We would hope that if the planning is approved that the Council will be prepared to improve the situation with the roads on the estate and make the appropriate changes to ensure that Southview Park is made safe for residents, visitors and pets.”

Mrs Hawkes says she and her fellow residents are not against houses being built, as they were not against the application to build 200 homes at the nearby Elm Grove Farm.

“We are not objecting to the applications, we understand that more housing is needed, however we would like the council to review the safety of our estate currently and evaluate what they would need to put in place to ensure people’s safety,” she said.

“The one at Elm Grove looks like it does not have that access issue. In this current climate, I fully understand that houses have to be built, but safety improvements must be a consideration.

“Traffic for the proposed new estate would have to travel through Sparrow Street and on to Toucan Street to gain access or via Sparrow Street, through Kingfisher Close, Kyte Way and then on to Toucan.” We are unsure as to how the estate would cope with additional traffic from 90-121 more houses so this really needs to be a consideration for the Council.”

Wainhomes did not respond to requests for a comment before the paper went to press.