SWINDON’S own Oscar superstar Maisie Sly received special praise from prime minister Theresa May in the House of Commons yesterday.

North Swindon MP Justin Tomlinson spoke proudly of Maisie’s achievement during this week’s Prime Minister’s Questions and drew a warm response from fellow MPs and Theresa May.

Six-year-old Maisie, who plays the main character, Libby, in the film Oscar-winning film The Silent Child, was whisked off to LA at the weekend to attend the glamorous ceremony.

Addressing the Commons, Mr Tomlinson said: “On Sunday evening it wasn’t Meryl Streep winning an Oscar but my constituent Maisie Sly, aged just six-years-old, and born profoundly deaf, for her amazing performance in the film The Silent Child.

“Will the prime minister join me in paying tribute to the inspirational Maisie Sly and her school Red Oaks Primary who have helped her fill her true potential?”

Maisie’s achievements have been highlighted right across the world, and Mr Tomlinson received a rapturous response from MPs of all parties the moment her name was mentioned.

Standing at the despatch box, the prime minister appeared to take great pleasure in hearing about one of Mr Tomlinson’s most famous constituents.

She said: “I think everybody was captivated by Maisie’s example and by the film that won the Oscar and I’m very happy to join my honourable friend in paying tribute to Maisie for her incredible achievement.

“I think this is important in highlighting the issue of disabled people, particularly of deaf children. This has captured the imagination of so many across the world.”

The Silent Child follows Libby, a profoundly deaf child born to a hearing family who struggle to communicate with their daughter.

The film beat four hotly-tipped contenders to the award: DeKalb Elementary, The Eleven O’Clock, My Nephew Emmett and Watu Wote/All of Us.

Maisie got the part following a nation-wide search, during which more than 100 talented children auditioned for the main role.

She is a pupil at Red Oaks Primary School and lives in Upper Stratton with her family.