WARMINSTER based seafood farm, Lyons Seafood welcomed the UK Ambassador of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia to their offices this week to improve trade relations between the two countries, and in particular farm raised shrimp.

The embassador, Dr Rizal Sukma, was given a tour of the site and met many members of the team.

Dr Sukma said: “I would like to express our greatest gratitude and thanks for your kindness to accept our visit. We would like this cooperation to continue and we will try to do our best to facilitate your trading with Indonesia”.

Estelle Brennan, Head of sustainability said: “It was a great honour to have the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia visiting our site.

“At Lyons Seafoods we are committed to provide great products that are responsibly sourced.”

Around 6000 tonnes of warm water prawns and 2500 tonnes of cold water shrimp are processed each year in Warminster.