HOUSING, youth and community spirit are on the mind of Marlborough’s new mayor Lisa Farrell, who has pledged to look out for the most vulnerable in the community during her year in office.

Cllr Farrell spoke about protecting the elderly, disabled and vulnerable as she spoke for the first time as Marlborough’s newest mayor.

At the mayor making ceremony, held in the town hall on Monday night, well-wishers and members of the community listened to her impassioned speech about making sure young people had things to do and support to gain affordable housing in the area.

She said: “Having grown up in Marlborough, I have seen the progression of the town, some I like, some I don’t like so much. I would like to try to bring back the togetherness of the town. I feel we have lost the care of one another. Young, old, disabled and everyone else, we are all equal.

“I also want to help make an affordable step onto the housing ladder for people otherwise the young will leave our community because they are forced to look somewhere else to live.

“People think of Marlborough as a wealthy town but I know and work with the poor and vulnerable, including the old and disabled. If everyone spent five minutes every day asking their neighbour how they are getting on, we can stop people feeling so lonely.”

Cllr Farrell was born in Savernake hospital, grew up in Marlborough, and is head of catering at Marlborough College.

She spearheaded a campaign to get an affordable supermarket in the town, helping to secure Tesco. She will now become the 708th town mayor and has chosen seven charities to support throughout the year.

Welcoming her to the role, Cllr Nick Fogg, said: “You are a life force and it is fantastic what you do in this community. You are a bundle of energy in your commitment to the youth club. You will have a wonderful year and it is a time that we all envy you.”