CHICKS have hatched at Castle Mead Primary School and are now being well looked after by Year 5 pupils.

Five bantam chicken eggs were donated to the Trowbridge school in April and when pupils returned from the May bank holiday weekend, Meghan, Harry, Elvis, Daisy and Bonnie were chirping their way around the incubator.

The Noctule Bat class are learning about life cycles and teacher Emily Young thought this would be a great project for them.

“The children were so excited,” she said.

“We have been looking after the eggs in an incubator for three weeks and anticipating this moment hoping they would hatch.”

In just over a week, the chicks have become less fluffy and feathers have begun to develop.

Business manager Mel Jacob said: “The kids have looked after them really well. They will stay with us for a couple of weeks and then they will be rehomed.”

She added: “The kids chose the names.”