DRIVERS who double park or leave their car over dropped kerbs could be hit with hefty fines.

Swindon Borough Council wants to use existing traffic laws to stop drivers parking over the crossing points. The plans will be discussed by the cabinet tomorrow.

The move has been welcomed in Rodbourne, an area hit by frequent complaints about pavement parking.

Jim Robbins, ward councillor for the area, said: “Parking concerns are regularly raised with me by residents and I know that many other councillors across the town get similar messages.

“The council needs to take on the enforcement powers and take action against anti-social parking.

“There also needs to be proper action from the planning department to ensure that there are enough parking spaces for new developments and more than enough space for the emergency services to get access.”

In documents shared ahead of the meeting, head of highways Jason Humm and new cabinet member for highways Fionuala Foley said they want to consult residents over use of the traffic laws to cut kerb parking.

It follows a council motion brought in September last year by councillors Mary Martin and Matthew Courtliff calling for action against double parking.

The motion read: “This council notes the concerns raised by ward members on the nuisance caused to residents by obstructions on pavements and particularly to those residents with pushchairs, mobility scooters and impaired vision.”

The Traffic Management Act gives councils the power to deal with those parking over pavements in the same way they would deal with someone parked over double yellow lines.

No official public consultation would be required to enforce the rules. It would be enforced by traffic wardens, with fines understood to be similar to those for parking on double yellow lines.

However, bringing in the rules would require a change to the council’s traffic policy. Council officers have recommended an informal consultation on the changes.

In their report to cabinet members, Mr Humm and Coun Foley said: “The outcome of the consultation should be considered before a final decision is made to proceed with these powers.”

The alternative to using the Traffic Management Act powers would be to paint double yellow lines along problem hotspots, they said. The money and time needed to apply for the parking restrictions would be prohibitive.