PARK workers were forced to rake up mucky paintings sprayed onto grass.

A wannabe Banksy painted the outlines of two penises onto lawns at Queen’s Park in Swindon town centre.

The drawings were discovered this morning. Initially, park workers decided to use their own can of green paint to obscure the filthy illustrations.

They attempted to turn one of the penises into a butterfly. The other was painted over.

However, a joker painted a face onto the grass, turning the giant council-sprayed cone shape into something resembling a man wearing a hat. Another would-be Banksy has sprayed another outline of a penis over the council’s effort.

Queen’s Park is owned by Swindon Borough Council, but gardening work is funded by South Swindon Parish Council.

Chris Watts, chairman of the parish council, said: “I think although we appreciate the artistic intent of our employees, we will call them in to have a discussion about this to see if this was the best way of sorting this issue out.”

Council officers later returned to rake up the obscene paintings.

A borough spokesman said: “The grass where this vulgar graffiti was sprayed was too short to cut, so our enthusiastic StreetSmart crew attempted to disguise it with their own creations.

“As can be seen, their artwork is unlikely to win any awards. We have since been out with a good old fashioned rake to remove the offensive material.

“We would remind people that painting graffiti on public property is a crime for which on-the-spot fines of £50 can, and will, be issued.”