HONDA could face tariffs and extra safety checks on cars exported to Europe after the Brexit, according to an expert.

He was speaking to an audience of local businesses at the Steam Museum in Swindon yesterday for the Trade Horizons Roadshow.

They heard from five speakers about the realities of leaving the EU without a free trade deal and the affect it would have on business and exporters.

It comes a day after Honda bosses warned of 'unprecedented disruption' to its supply chain after Brexit.

Sam Lowe, a research fellow from the Centre for European Reform with a focus on Brexit, spoke about the potential extra red-tape and safety checks for the Swindon-based firm.

“For Honda and safety checks post-Brexit, they will have to be approved by one of the 27 European member states instead.”

He added car manufactures could be tripped up by extra tariffs on vehicles exported from the UK. “If you are a car exporter, you have to be able to demonstrate that 55 per cent of the value of your car originates in the EU," Mr Lowe said.

Without a replacement deal to mirror the current arrangements this would add extra tariffs on to UK car manufacturers.

“As it stands a car exported from the UK would not actually qualify and be subject for tariffs of 10 per cent,” he said.

Speaking about the possibility to crashing out of the EU next March without a transitional agreement in place, Mr Lowe said: “You need to start planning now.

“Calais and Eurotunnel wouldn’t be able to cope. There’s some contingency planning that suggest in the event of a crash out of Brexit they might be able to keep exports flowing, but we’re talking months.

“I’ve done a lot of work with Dutch companies and they are telling their businesses that if you have a UK-based supplier, the only to plan for Brexit is to replace them with supplies within one of the EU 27 countries.”

HMRC confirmed this week Honda is facing a £2.1m a year bill when Britain leaves the customs union.