A NEW partnership agreement has been signed between the Wiltshire Neighbourhood Watch Association and Wiltshire Police.

Police and Crime Commissioner Angus Macpherson signed the agreement at the Watch's annual general meeting.

It states that he will support the continued development of the association throughout Wiltshire and encourage partnership working between it, other community safety partners, and Wiltshire Police.

Mike Davidson, chair of the Association said: "Thank you to Angus, his support will be vitally important in reinvigorating existing and new Neighbourhood Watch schemes throughout the county.”

Superintendent Phil Staynings, Head of Crime Prevention, then signed a similar agreement on behalf of Wiltshire Police pledging to support and assist the NHW Association and its members across Wiltshire.

The agreement also states that the Community Policing Teams will forge and maintain links with neighbourhood watch areas, promote them and recruit new members. Mike added: "These links with community area and scheme coordinators will be essential in our campaign to reinvigorate the NHW."

The AGM had already voted on to the Association committee four new members to help roll out the new support and training seminars that NHW want to hold for coordinators around the county with the help and support of local community safety groups.