ENGLAND fans in Swindon have told of their pride after watching England crash out of the World Cup.

Kieran Trippier’s fifth-minute goal had supporters cheering but it was not to be after Croatia equalised then scored a winner in extra time.

Simon Kevern, from West Swindon, told the Adver: “They should be proud to have got where they have.

“It’s a hell of an achievement, especially for such a young squad.

“It’s going to be positive for the next World Cup. I would have loved to see England get through and go to the final, don’t get me wrong, but it’s good to see Croatia get this far and go on to play France.

“You can see the passion in them, they’ve never got this far and had this opportunity.”

Dominic Paddon 10, whose dad Richard can remember the last time England made it through to the semi-finals in 1990, said: “It’s was an intense game. I’m going to be very sad tomorrow in school now.”

Dad Richard added: “I’m devastated. Obviously, I haven’t seen England in a final in my life time.

“I’m 42 and I might not see it again. But it was a fantastic opportunity. I take my hat off to the team and the manager. They’ve done a fantastic job and given the country a lot of enjoyment along the way.”

Some fans were overwhelmed by the defeat after so much optimism in the first half.

Sue Vernon-Embaldon, from Pinehurst, said: “I’m absolutely gutted. I watched 1966 World Cup and I can remember the glory back then.”

Pete Embaldon, also from Pinehurst, said: “I think England were brilliant until the second half.

“You can’t knock the support they’ve gotten. I do feel let down by them in the second half.

“I thought Croatia were okay. They weren’t anything special. We went to hell in the second half and rested on our laurels too much.”

Fred Wellsbury, from Grange Park, added: “Very proud it was great performance, but we should have all been out together with a big screen and all enjoyed it together.

“Swindon could have done more. It was an opportunity tonight that we never experienced before, but that’s the way things go sometimes.”