SWINDON is one of the most electric car-friendly places in the UK.

The town ranked seventh in a list of all the towns and cities which would be best placed to have a network of household electric charge points installed.

Swindon was the only town or city in the top 10 from the south-west of England, with 88.1 per cent of properties for sale in the town offering off-street parking.

These parking areas would be the ideal spots to install charge points for motorists with electric cars to power up their vehicles at home.

London, Dundee and Hastings offered the fewest homes with private, off-street parking, while Poole, Solihull and Chelmsford offering the most.

The government has said it wants all petrol and diesel cars off UK roads by 2040 to be replaced by more environmentally-friendly electric cars.

For that to happen, motorists need to be able to charge their electric vehicles easily and cheaply.

However, a recent survey of car owners by Motorway.co.uk revealed that 52 per cent of them said they weren’t planning to switch to electric any time soon because of the UK’s inadequate charging infrastructure.

The website used new properties for sale data as a gauge of total and type of housing stock, to reveal the areas with the biggest opportunities and challenges for home charging.