VANDALS broke into a demolition site in Trowbridge and damaged a digger in the process on Sunday night.

The perpetrators gained access to the site, where an old building in Bythesea Road, opposite County Hall, is being demolished.

They proceeded to damage the electronics of the digger before running off.

Demolition company RM Penny’s site supervisor, Justin Chamberlain, said the digger was up and running the next day but this was not the first time locals had been a nuisance to their work.

“This is not too much trouble but it is not very helpful,” he said.

“I think they tried to start the digger as they tried to put something where the key to it goes. We had to get a new lock put in.

“Someone moved some fire extinguishers outside of the site recently.

“Hopefully people will stop doing this.

“We have been here for a few weeks demolishing the place.”