JUST one week after the newly refurbished public toilets were opened in Pewsey, residents have said they are outraged at how much of a mess they have been left in by members of the public.

Reports of toilets not being flushed and mess left in the cubicles have led to disappointment, after the free-to-use toilets were refurbished by Pewsey Parish Council just last week.

Posting on social media, a spokesman from Pewsey Parish Council said: “Only a week since the opening of the public toilets and they’re already being abused.

“This is a valuable asset to this community and we would hate to see them being closed.

“Thankfully there is no damage but not a very nice mess for the cleaners to sort out. The new flush systems are definitely working properly.”

Residents also left comments on social media to express their disgust, with some even suggesting that CCTV is put in place in the entrance.

Nick Wood said: “That is outrageous.”

Chloe Louise Groom commented: “CCTV in the toilet entrance would stop it.”

A representative of Pewsey Vale Tourism Partnership, Susie Brew, opened the refurbished loos last Tuesday (July 31) morning.

She said: “Having clean, well equipped and signposted facilities, such as the loos, is really important, not just for the locals who often need to use them, particularly mums with kids and the elderly, but also for our visitors to the Vale of Pewsey and to the local economy.

“Often people who are passing through the village stop off to spend a penny, they then may also spend some money in the local shops or places to eat.

“Our message to anyone who uses them, is that, thanks to Pewsey Parish Council, we are extremely lucky to have these free facilities in place.

“Please take some civic pride in what we have and leave the loos as you would like to find them.”