TWO ‘Nottingham Knockers’ have been reported by Bradford on Avon Police after trying to sell items door to door without a licence.

Police said the two men were spotted by a vigilant resident in the Belcombe Road area and reported to officers through 101.

The Police said: “Our thanks goes to a vigilant member of public who was walking on Belcombe Road today and saw two men attempting to sell items at a door and notified us on 101.

“The men were stopped and will be reported for Peddling Without a License.”

Commonly known as ‘Nottingham Knockers’, the scheme involves people coming to the area for usually a week and knocking on doors to sell items out of a black sports-type bag.

Usually, they do not possess a valid Pedlars Certificate and the identification they show to householders is worthless.

Police added: “There are likely to be more of them operating in the Bradford on Avon area this week, so please call 101 if you see them.”