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Let’s just get out

Once more we have a bunch of wimps leading us with a few exceptions.

We had a referendum and we voted to the tune of 17.4 million to leave the EU. Yes we all know that the EU are being difficult and not giving anything away. And yes you may well ask why this is.

It’s pretty obvious. The major point is they don’t want to lose our £350.000, yes that’s right 350 million pounds sterling each and every week.

This is the second biggest contrition to the EU coffers and make no mistake it is an awful lot of money.

Junkers and his crowd of cronies are concerned that it will affect the amount they can cream off the top of the pile.

And don’t forget, unless there is a “deal” they will also lose out to the tune of £40 billion sterling.

It could do an awful lot of good here in the UK.

So you can see why they don’t want us to leave, can`t you?

We are the cash cow of the EU. We will leave a big hole in its finances. Germany will have to pay out considerably more along with France.

But none of them will be squeezed the way Britain has been.

We have carried the EU for far to long.

We the British public never voted for the EU. We were happy with the Common Market. John Major took us into the EU because he thought it made him important. He signed the Maastricht Treaty. If he had refused, this problem would not have happened.

So we must take it into our own hands as we have done in the past and make Britain great again. You all know we can do it. we have done it before. Are we so stupid and weak that we cannot do it again ?

Let’s just walk away from it. We voted leave so let’s just do it.

David Collins, Blake Crescent, Swindon

No real savings

Only in Swindon Borough Council’s fairy tale land of make believe could the identification of financial errors, raising of invoices and ‘nominal’ savings be described as ‘savings’ (September 18).

I am delighted that the fraud team identified failings by the council to correctly levy single person discounts, and I am sure that the council will do their very best to recover the £159,965 owed – although I won’t hold my breath. Until the tax bill is settled in full there is absolutely no saving of taxpayers’ money.

The nominal saving of £108,000 is not a saving at all. It represents income which may or may not accrue at some time in the future.

I am pleased the team managed to stop a fraudulent housing application but isn’t it the job of the council team to make sure that an application for benefit is bona fide?

The final claim of money being ‘saved’ convinces me that the lunatics really have taken over the asylum (that’s a metaphor by the way) an identified overpayment of benefit to the tune of £12,363 is somehow counted as a saving.

Des Morgan, Caraway Drive, Swindon

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