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It’s time to leave

The letter from Peter Smith (Oct 1) rightly lists many of the serious problems facing the working class in Britain today.

Wages have hardly risen since 2008, company pensions have been reduced and most of the public utilities have been privatised.

To this list can be added the crisis in the NHS and the sky-high house prices and rents which hurt the young generation more than anybody else.

All these problems have been created by our 45-year membership of the EU.

It is only by leaving the EU and taking back control of our economy that these problems can be corrected.

Martin Costello, Eldene

Thanks for great effort

Swindon Guide Dogs would like to thank everyone who came along to our Great British Classics Charity Night at The Crown, Stratton on October 3.

Through your generosity, we raised a fantastic £1,118. Our thanks got to Danielle, Taniya and the staff for their hard work and support.

Alan Fletcher, Swindon Guide Dogs

Where’s your opinion?

Can Terry Reynolds tell us why his frequent letters to the Swindon Advertiser just asks questions of the other correspondents instead of expressing any of his own opinions? (Failures of the past, S.A. 2nd October.)

Don Reeve, Old Town

Speed control needed

There was an interesting article in the SA Saturday, September 29 regarding plans to possible open the Church Place bus gate to motorists enabling them to access Bristol Street car park easier.

I am surprised that the councillors who are proposing to open the bus gate are not already aware that it is in regular use by motorists wishing to park in Bristol Street.

During the morning rush-hour, there is a regular stream of vehicles going to the car park, perhaps the councillors should go and observe this for themselves.

I was, until recently, a bus driver in Swindon and have had many a near miss on the bends by the college as the motorists drive far too fast at this point, some form of speed control will be needed if the bus gate is officially re-opened.

R Albrighton, Shaw

We need kindness

I heard about an organisation which deals with vulnerable children. They said our motto is “Be Kind.”

On the other hand I read school adverts and they seldom mention “kindness” towards their children.

Is this because many modern schools have based themselves on military establishments, enforcing uniformity to extreme lengths?

Max Nottingham, St Faith’s Street, Lincoln

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