SPEEDING tractors are causing a problem in Worton, and now members of the parish council are urging agricultural contractors to slow down as they drive through the village.

The issue was raised at the last parish council meeting, when the village’s Community Speed Watch team reported noting several tractors driving over the 25mph limit, some of which were hauling trailers and large, heavy loads.

Councillor Barry Devine, chairman of Worton Parish Council, said: “This has been a problem in our village since the beginning of September when we first had reports of tractors speeding from the Community Speed Watch team.

“Residents have been scared by the speed in which some tractors have been passing through the village, especially those who live on High Street.

“We just want to get the message out there to drive carefully through the village.

“As a parish council we feel like the problem doesn’t lie with local farmers who know the area, but more likely with contractors who come in to do various jobs, especially seasonal work. However, we have been contacting local farmers to make them aware.

“Our village is one straight line, so it is possible to build up a certain head of speed when passing through.

“Our Community Speed Watch team is very active and resilient and they help to keep us safe by raising these concerns.”

In March 2015, the national speed limit for tractors was increased from 20mph to 25mph, but councillors feel there is still a misunderstanding about this.

Cllr Devine added: “One of the problems which was identified by our Community Speed Watch team is that there is a separate speed limit of 25mph for tractors, but this seems to be misunderstood, maybe through a lack of awareness.”

A Wiltshire Police spokesman said: “Our Community Policing Teams work closely with our Community Speed Watch volunteers and we are always keen to hear from people who have concerns about speeding in their local area.

“We know the impact speeding has on communities and are obviously keen to do everything we can to help make our county’s roads safer.

“You can find out more about Community Speed Watch and how to report speeding concerns on our website. Visit www.wiltshire.police.uk/article/782/Community-Speed-Watch”