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Holding on

It’s Sunday again at the Swindon Bus Station with buses in and out all the time but of course there are no toilets to be had. As I said it’s Sunday and as all Swindon councillors know only to well, no-one needs to use a toilet on a Sunday.

Just to make sure they have Wharf Green toilets closed as well including the disabled and the baby-changing ones.

The nearest to those in desperate need may well be the railway station if they can make it that far and if they can get through the barrier and up on to the platform without a ticket.

If they can hold on after being on a bus for maybe an hour or so they may have to pretend that they are customers in one of the big shops in order to satisfy the call of nature but why should they have to do this making them feel guilty as they are not buying anything in the shop when it is our council that are the guilty ones.

If a pub or cafe did not supply a toilet to its customers then they would not get a licence.

Are the people coming into Swindon not our town’s customers and do we have the legal right to not supply them with this basic necessity?

If we do not have to supply one by law then the law needs changing. I know that both of our MPs read this page perhaps one of them could clarify this point of law.

Who exactly decided that visitors to the town will never need a toilet on a Sunday?

They complain that not enough of us use the town and its shops but would you if you found that your disabled child, your ageing mum, or dad with his walking stick could not answer the call of nature because our councillors will not supply this basic need.

I await a reply but I will not be holding my breath on that one but I will have to hold something else next time I go into Swindon on a Sunday.

Roy Cartwright, Pinnegar Way, Swindon

Brexit standards

The European Ryder Cup team superbly demonstrated the power of excellence, leadership and teamwork in defeating the might of the Americans.

It is a catastrophe that our politicians have not shown the same qualities with Brexit.

There will be massive staff shortages for our ‘service’ industries that support the pyramid of our economy, in particular welfare, hospitals, transport, recreation and hospitality - areas where customer expectations are high because they impact on all our lives.

We are in for a shock - fewer care homes, longer waiting lists, worse service in hotels and restaurants, no taxis and bankrupt businesses. There is no need for the government’s recent pronouncement on the distribution of tips as there will be very few service staff around to work for them.

I cannot believe the majority of those who voted for Brexit realised they were voting for a lower standard of living. Now that the difficulties are being revealed it is democratic to vote again. Those that say otherwise would never make our Ryder Cup team !

John Clifford


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