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It’s tie for action on parking problem

I recently received a copy of local Lib Dem news letter, Wroughton Focus.

It thanked Wroughton residents for electing their candidate as a councillor on Swindon Borough Council, saying “local champion Cllr Andy Spry stormed to victory by winning just seven votes over the sitting Conservative councillor”.

“Stormed to victory” with “just seven votes” seems to me to be a gross exaggeration.

In the newsletter there was an article with the title “Ridgeway School Parking Issue for Residents”.

It referred to the parking problems caused by the behaviour of parents dropping off children at Ridgeway School and said, a tiny number of vehicles are causing a big problem on local streets.

In response to this serious problem Coun Spry said he would be writing to the head of Ridgeway School so the head can send a letter to the parents which “may help in trying to make them think of residents and avoid parking dangerously or inconsiderately to local people”.

As I read this pathetic response to a serious problem I couldn’t help wondering whether our elected representatives really understand how to resolve local issues.

Yes, the head of the school can write to ask parents to behave in a reasonable way but this problem is perpetual. It occurs year after year.

The Swindon Advertiser has previously reported on it.

Regardless of reasonable requests, those inconsiderate individuals who are intent on creating problems, as a consequence of their own selfish interests, will continue to do so.

Swindon Borough Council is responsible for traffic management.

Since October 1 the council has had the ability under the Traffic Management Act to issue fixed Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) of up to £113 if drivers block dropped kerbs and driveways or double park.

The real power to prevent bad parking lies with elected representatives such as you Coun Spry. You represent the organisation which is supposed to enforce traffic management.

You need to start and get to grips with the job you were elected to do and use your influence to ensure positive action is taken.

I’d place money on the issuing of a few PCNs being a thousand times more affective than a letter from the head of Ridgeway School.

With a seven vote majority councillor Spry’s future re-election prospects will be precarious.

Hopefully, when the time comes he will be judged on his ability to get things done.

K Kane, Wharf Road, Wroughton

Don’t blame Brexit

Jaguar Land Rover chief executive Ralf Speith is the latest clairvoyant to predict doom and gloom for his company post Brexit.

It is obviously nothing to do with the fact that Jaguar’s saloons are regularly beaten in tests in the major car magazines or the fact their very glamorous F type sports car is also a couple of stars behind its German and Italian rivals!

Nothing at all to do with Jaguars last to the pass attempt at bringing SUVs to the market despite being a sister company for the best part of 10 years to the world’s most famous 4x4 company!!

Whilst Land Rover’s hugely successful Freelander was superseded by the identity-less Discovery Sport and the actual Discovery, also previously a very successful model, has now spawned quite possibly the ugliest and least desirable premium SUV on the market.

But hey let’s just blame Brexit!

A Collins, Broome Manor Lane

We want police service

To every one in Swindon can I explain in one brief letter why our town is now running out of control - Kier Pritchard.

Rather than doing actual police work he whines on about females and BME people not being represented enough.

He seems to have so much time on his hands that he cannot seem to see that Swindon crime is out of control.

We pay council tax for a police “service “ (we can’t say force anymore) and don’t give a damn if a white or black or Asian or gay or straight or bisexual officer comes out to help us.

And how insulting to anyone to be given a label like BME. That instantly categorises people before you’ve even met them.

Roger Lack, North Swindon

Keep off green land

I have been informed about the council wanting to build houses on the Lawns. I was led to believe that the Lawns is for all the people of Swindon.

Why do we need to build on beautiful parkland when there is brownfield sites where ‘affordable’ houses can be built.

My husband proposed to me in the Lawns and I said yes and the ring was placed upon my finger and a kiss.

Do not build on this iconic land. What next? The Town gardens?

Janet Woodham, Scotby Avenue

Surprising mileage

I was most interested to read the report by Jonathan Crouch on the Volkswagen Golf SV.

He stated the vehicle returns over 65MPG dependent upon the model on a combined cycle, which I find quite remarkable and some people may be making a judgement upon buying the said vehicle on the strength of that, as I did two years ago, and was quite disappointed to find the true figure would be in the region of 45MPG at best.

I did complain to two VW main agents and they did assure me that my figures were very acceptable, so maybe Johnathan should actually check his facts prior to giving out misleading information which VW was renowned for in 2013 with the emissions scandal.

Jim Mackay, Swindon

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