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A jewel in our crown

It’s a brilliant idea. Sell some land on The Lawns and build houses and a road on it. A tranquil green area enjoyed free by the people turned into a cash injection for the council. Who could argue with such a decision?

Well I do. The morning my husband died I walked alone in this beautiful park. I stood at one of the lakes and came to acceptance that I was a widow. The water rippled, the wildlife lived its life cycles and I knew I would be able to go on living and eventually find joy in my life again.

You do not need money, status, friends or family to benefit from The Lawns. The Lawns gives people of all ages the chance to exercise mind and body, and when ill to heal and find peace of mind. It is a jewel beyond price.

Let this beautiful wildlife park continue to thrive. It is not an appropriate place to start a housing estate. I know that public health matters to Swindon councillors. The Lawns is an asset that should be left as it is, helping us to maintain or regain physical and mental health.

Jan Neill, Dorchester Road, Lawn

Britain before Europe

The fear of the unknown is now getting closer and it shows on the faces of the Labourists and the losers of the remain brigade. The two biggest mistakes ever in this island’s history are joining the EU years ago and opening up the borders to allow any Tom, Dick or Harry to come in and live.

I was in Enoch Powell’s time and could foresee also how this country was being led by the nose for the last 50 years. Enoch Powell was that very rare MP, an honest man, but the holier than thou parliament got rid of him. Now it’s all coming home to roost.

All MPs should unite for the good of this nation, not squabble over party points. Like I have said many times before, we are English and British, not European and never will be. Own laws, own borders, own control with nothing to do with Brussels. If the Europeans don’t like it, tough! Stay in your own countries and sort your own problems out.

Think of the nations who have real problems like Mexico, Indonesia and Korea and thank God the only real problem is to go to a very old building every year situated on the River Thames.

HG Smith, Wroughton

Excellent care

I feel I must take the time to praise the doctor’s surgery at Moredon Medical Centre, which saw me today after I had rung my own surgery as a matter of urgency (to me) this morning.

Admittedly I have to wait a long time for my call back to phone me. I gave the receptionist my reason for needing to speak to a doctor. She asked if I would be available on the mobile number I was calling from, and 10 minutes later I had a call from a paramedic, who said he was from the Moredon surgery, I said I could not get to the surgery straight away. So, the paramedic said a time, and then rang me back with an altered time more convenient to me. I arrived at Moredon Medical Centre and was greeted pleasantly and shown where to go.

A wonderful nurse called Tracey put my mind at peace. I thought now I can go home after having my test, but no, I was sent upstairs to see a doctor. After waiting for a short while I was summoned to the doctor’s consulting room. A doctor called Dr Amil Srivaslava asked how he could help me. I told him and all the way through the consultation he listened to everything I said.

He then proceeded to do every test he possibly could have done with my problem. He said I needed some blood tests done to which I said that’s awful for me as I have no good veins. He said I would give you some gel to numb the area. This just gets better as we go along.

I asked if I could see him next visit but he wasn’t sure where he would be as the doctors themselves are struggling. My doctors is Abbey Meads Medical Practice and this doctor is from Taw Hill surgery. It’s all a thing we have to cope with while it’s still all new.

Doctors are sharing a lot of settling down, as are all of their patients. And I just wanted to get across that my experience was a pleasant one, if that is what you call a doctor’s visit.

So, let’s all not knock them. As I said they are having problems, as we are. So, we must be grateful and glad if we get seen.

Geraldine Walker, Tydeman Street, Swindon

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